We help brands transition to the digital world. We help you identify and capitalize on your assets, clarify your goals, and fine-tune your messaging. Then we help you navigate the ever-changing sea of media options to intelligently target and engage your customers.

With so many digital channels available, and the intense pressure to tweet, post, and connect for connection’s sake, more and more companies are losing focus. Many are so quick to jump into social media that they’re ignoring basic rules of branding. Without the basics of brand strategy and consistent messaging, customer interest and loyalty declines— whether you’re selling composite technology, seafood or luxury yachts.



We have one goal: to help entrepreneurs and companies maximize success. Focusing on marketing fundamentals first, we help companies outperform their competition, increase market share, and save money at the same time. 

Photo: Maine's Custom Composites Technologies:  Wall relief fabricated and installed for London based Zaha Hadid Architects' international exhibit in Manhattan.